List of Home based jobs

Work from home with the leading career opportunities of 21st century

There is no secret that the home based jobs are becoming very popular throughout the world, and the situation in India is no different. Many Individuals are finding it very easy to work from home according to their own schedule, instead of working in corporate structures.

Here are 10 career opportunities that will let you work from home:

1. Journalism:

With more than 70,000 newspapers, 400 news channels, the opportunities galore for all those people who want to work remotely. The demand for journalists is rising throughout the country and if you have good writing and linguistic skills, the doors are well and truly open for you.

Journalism; home based jobs

2. Writing and Editing:

It is a very vast field. The need for writers, proofreaders and editors is only getting big with time. You can earn a lot through blogging. It is a kind of job where you earn for fun. You can get paid for writing things you like. Apart from this, the scope is very wide for full-time editors as well.

writing ; home based jobs

3. Graphics Designing:

Doesn’t matter if the business is small or large, it always requires skilled graphics designers to make it attractive. Graphic designers are given the luxury to work from home and it is a great opportunity to start you own business too.

graphic design; home based jobs

4. Data Analyzing:

E-commerce companies are hiring independent data analysts, who can provide them various unbiased reports. They often work from home, monitoring the parameters of employer’s website. They are getting handsome salaries. With proper skills and certification, data analysts can open their doors for a successful career. It is undoubtedly one of the best work from home jobs.

data analysis; home based work

5. Chartered Accounting:

A business can hardly taste success, if the records of income and expenditure are compromised. Chartered Accountants help in recording the plethora of taxes paid by the businesses. Although the scope of Chartered Accountants was limited to metro-cities till recently, but the times are changing. Today, many companies are present in the smallest of towns, and the need for Chartered Accountants is surging.

Chartered Accounting; home based jobs

6. Software Developing:

With proper qualification and experience, a software developer can earn in bulk, while working from home. He can even launch his own business. The internet-based activities are getting famous and the demand for customized software is also gaining traction. The future is secured with this particular career option.

software development; home based jobs

7. Teaching:

A good profile on internet and good knowledge of a particular subject can prove to be a wonderful combination for a teacher who aspires to teach at home. With advanced technology, effective study is possible even at home or a tuition center, unlike the tuition centers of 20th

Online-teaching; home based jobs

 8. Website Designing:

There are numerous opportunities for a website designer, as website designing has become inexpensive and the people are doing it for fun. All one needs is the skill, a computer and a good internet connection. There is hardly any limit to the money one can earn. It is one of the popular home-based jobs in India at this juncture.

website designing; work based jobs

9. Travel agency:

Operating a home-based travel agency can be an excellent option. This particular field has witnessed a rise in the last few years. Some organizations are even charging for giving information surrounding this sector. The earning capacity of a travel agency usually increases with good advertisement.

travel agency; home based jobs

10. Translator:

With fluency in language, you can become a good translator and work for companies remotely. You will have to translate audio files, documents, etc. The income can wary, depending on your resume and the number of hours you invest in it.

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