lockdown period with e-learning

Make the most of your lockdown period with e-learning and here’s how to do it right!

It has been around two months that the nationwide lockdown was imposed and with the shutting down of schools and colleges, one of the biggest challenges was the immediate switch to online learning. With most of the educational institutions habituated to the traditional mode of learning for ages, its online counterparts have hardly been considered. However, at this point of time, remote learning has proven to be the best resort for students because despite the shutdown of schools, young learners have been able to stay engaged in studies as much as they did in classrooms.

Let us take a look at the benefits of learning from home and how you can make the best use of it.

Unlike in classrooms, you now have the flexibility to decide the subjects or topics you would want to work on first and save the rest for later. “While some students may learn better in a traditional classroom setting, there are others who prefer studying online where they can take short breaks when needed. For the latter, distance learning is a major boon,” said one of the teachers at Toppscholars, a smart learning app. The ed-tech company has been striving to offer the best learning experience amid the lockdown especially for those students whose schools have not been able to offer online education. Toppscholars caters to K-12 students and through a wide array of interesting features like video lectures, revision notes, adaptive practice questions, and teachers connect, the online learning app seeks to make learning more interesting and engaging.

Another major perk of remote learning is the fact that parents can focus more on their child’s academics and keep a track of subject-wise performance every day which otherwise is unfeasible.

However, considering the immense flexibility offered by online learning, it becomes important for parents to make a timetable for making the entire learning process hassle-free and effective. This has to be done by keeping your child’s strengths and weaknesses into consideration so that all the concepts and topics are covered equally. Along with a time table, academic experts at Toppscholars suggest allocating a study space. This has to be done in such a way that your child gets in the right frame of mind to study once he enters it with no other distractions. Lastly, taking enough breaks is imperative. As a parent, getting concerned over your child’s academics is natural but it is important to remember that letting him study beyond his learning capacity can take a reverse action. Therefore, it is crucial to give enough leeway in the timetable for other activities as well.

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