Make your quarantine days more productive with the help of Toppscholars

Make your quarantine days more productive with the help of Toppscholars

An e-learning app that is as fun as it is engaging, Toppscholars can help your child stay ahead in learning even while quarantining

The world has been in chaos with the outbreak of COVID-19 and as heart breaking as it is, if we look on the brighter side, we are being presented opportunities which we otherwise wouldn’t have gotten —real conversations with loved ones, self-reflection, finding a new hobby and needless to mention, catching up on netflix shows and a few extra hours of sleep in the morning. However, reality starts to sink in when you realise your children are at home whole day with the schools being closed  and you have to look after their studies all the while getting your office work completed. This is where Toppscholars comes into the picture!

While it is easy to let the days fly by simply getting engrossed in mobile screens, scrolling down social media  feeds or playing online games, that doesn’t imply that there is no other way to use that time a bit more constructively. An e-learning app that can play the part of a school teacher, Toppscholars can help your child make use of the phone in a more productive manner. With its content that is at par with NCERT books, you need not worry about the classes that your child has been missing out on. The best part? Video lectures with 3D animation and digital notes that are more likely to keep the young learners interested and engaged in studies compared to the traditional textbook learning. Whats more? Toppscholars has opened up its platform to all students till 30th April 2020 and are offering unlimited access to the key features of the app.

Moreover, with the CBSE exams being postponed due to surge in confirmed cases of coronavirus, your child, if he/she is a board student, can use this time as an opportunity to revise and work on the areas that need to be improved with the help of Toppscholars. Through bite-sized content and adaptive practice questions, the CBSE learning app helps students to not only learn but test themselves in a simulated exam-like environment.

Furthermore, it enables you to track your child’s academic performance through virtual report card as well, thus helping you stay connected with your child at all levels especially at a crucial time like this.

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