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Mission Admission: Parents’ Guide to Interaction

Securing admission in the best schools is no child’s play. As the date for the final list for Nursery admissions approaches, Ryan International School brings you all what you need to know about the importance of interactions in the selection process.

Purpose of the interaction

Interactions are an indispensable part of the selection process. On one hand, they help the school to assess if the student (and parents, to some extent) is a good fit for the school. This can be based on academics, behaviour, ethics and values, commitment to study, commitment to sport and co-curricular. On the other hand, interactions present the parents with an ideal opportunity to find out anything they need to know about the school’s values, ethics and atmosphere.

Tips for parents

According to educators at Ryan International School, it is important for parents to be on time for the interaction. If you’re running late, you may contact the school and let them know. Allowing plenty of time to travel can help you and your child to be relaxed and fully prepared for the meeting.

During the course of the interaction, it is important for the parents to not answer any question directed towards your child. Let your child answer the questions without any inhibitions. Not only it showcases the child’s confidence, but also allows the interactioner to assess the child in a better way.

Also, it is important to prepare your child for the interaction well before the set date. Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep before the interaction, and is alert and confident while answering the interactioner’s questions.

Some common interaction questions

Educators at Ryan International School suggest that:

Interactions for Nursery/Kindergarten are aimed only at testing the child’s school readiness. Hence, the child may be asked to perform some simple tasks, such as writing their name, identifying some numbers/letters, draw something, recognize some colours, or count till 10.

On the other hand, parents might be asked several questions about their profession, qualifications, whether they have a joint or nuclear family, whether both parents are working, and if yes, who is going to take care of the child’s commute, homework and other school-related tasks.

The interaction and the selection process might feel a bit overwhelming, but it ensures optimal educational environment for your child. Ryan International School wishes all the best for your child’s admission!

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