Modern College of Law, Ghaziabad



The Modern College of Law, has dedicated itself to search out the young men of substance and shape in their abilities to take on the challenge ahead of them, at a global level. Modern College of Law’s mission is to Serve the Society and enhance the quality of through excellence and leadership in professionally relevent Education as an academic community which is out word looking and committed to innovation and life long learning.

It’s objective is to provide educational and Personality Development for preparing worthy citizens of tomorrow and to create an enabling environment for holistic development of students through academic,extra-curricular and socially meaningful activities.


Location Anand Industrial Estate,
Mohan Nagar,
Campus 33,000sqm
Academics Under Graduate – 5
Post Graduate – 1
Faulty Around 50+ full-time faculty member
Established 2003


Facilities and Services


The institute has well developed computerized library with around 12,000 books available for providing knowledge to students. It offers the student’s course related books, reference books, magazines, journals and newspapers.

MCL has a Library which is extremely rich in resources for learning, research and general awareness.

Computer Lab

The Compute Lab consists of more than 180 networked Hewlett-Packard computers. All the computers are equipped with latest versions of various softwares including those present in the course.

Guest Lecture

The Faculty of Law had organized a guest lecture on ‘Law of Torts’ for the students of the First year, LL.B. The main objective of the guest lecture was to introduce and educate the students with the Law of Torts.


The aim of the Seminar is to bring together experts, Academicians and Professionals to share ideas and deliberate on the new emerging issues to find solutions to the problems. National Seminar is focused on Impact of Globalization on the Performance of Foreign Trade in India.

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