Modern Day Jobs of the 21st century: Data Scientist

Companies today are in dire need for data scientists. Why if you ask? With the increasing volume, and complexity of data handling, they need professionals to do the excruciating task for them. But with increased complexity of tasks comes attractive salary, and according to LinkedIn, career in data science has seen an exponential growth, becoming the second fastest growing profession.

Who is a data scientist?

A DeCrypton powered Data Scientist (Super Power : Decryption of stats and data)

A data scientist extracts data from various resources, and use specialized tools to analyze, modify, interpret the data. He gets insights, and then present it to the management to help them form better strategies. Their presence in an organization is unparalleled, giving inputs that drive the business towards better performance.

Data-literate company with data scientists

Make your organization data-literate, embracing the full potential of data science. Data scientists help tackle real business problems at both lower, and higher-ups. Without the correct personnel, a company will just be handling too much data without correctly mining information from it. They are the real deciphers of data within the company.

Careers in data science- what roles does it offer? 

  • Business Intelligence Analyst – Use algorithms to analyze market trends
  • Data Mining Engineer- Creating refined algorithms for further data analysis
  • Data Architect- Working with users and developers, creating data blueprint
  • Data scientist- Interpreting data, analyzing patterns and measuring their impact on businesses

Data scientist seek answers for all the vital questions. “Good questions are concrete in their assumptions, and good answers are a measurable success without too much cost, “say experts. Defining a data map for your firm, they excavate important information by inquiring:

  • Questions about current set of operations and the answers we have to them
  • What answers can we get from the current set of data we possess?
  • What questions can’t be answered because of the non-availability of the data?

Finding answers to these critical questions will eliminate use of valuable time, and resources into misguided efforts. By getting information of potential clients, insights and revenue, a data scientists helps interpret results, answer pertinent business questions, and craft appropriate solutions.

A business without a data scientist is like a boat without its paddle, you need them to move forward and change directions depending on the best course of action. They help the company create better products and paradigms, bringing both long term, and immediate results.

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