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Why Opt For C# Programming Language?

C# is a multi-prototype programming language inclusive of strong typing; functional, object and component oriented programming disciplines. Designed for Common Language Infrastructure, C# is a product of Microsoft within its .NET scheme. NCP Technologies provides the best in class C# training to aspirants seeking a career in software technology domain. This language is also approved as a standard by Ecma (ECMA-334) and ISO (ISO/IEC 23270:2006). C# is projected to be apt for scripting applications for mutually hosted and embedded systems, right from the extremely huge that use intricate operating systems, till the smallest possessing  dedicated functions. The language is specially designed for utilizing in software development components suitable for deployment in dispersed environments. The C# applications are quite economical pertaining to memory and processing power requirements.

C# endows the competence to build hard-wearing system-level mechanism by virtue of the subsequent features:

  • Full COM/Platform support for existing code integration
  • Sturdiness through garbage collection and type safety
  • Security provided through intrinsic code trust mechanisms
  • Complete support of extensible metadata concepts

You can also inter-operate with other languages, across various platforms, with legacy data, by virtue of the following features:

  • Full inter-operability support through COM+ 1.0 and .NET Framework services with tight library-based access
  • XML support for Web-based component interaction
  • Version-ing to offer simplicity of administration and deployment


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