globalization of Indian schooling system

A need for globalization of Indian schooling system

All the things that have been touched by the process of globalization have been transformed considerably. When it comes to India, especially after the opening up of the Indian market to the world, almost everything has changed. In the opinion of the experts, a thing that has been untouched by globalization are Indian schools.

Indian schools, by and large, have remained to be traditional while the world has witnessed rapid advancement in their school education system. With the recent digitization and automation, the world has considerably changed, so is the need of the Indian academic institutions, be it primary, middle or higher, to tune themselves with the changes happening around the world.

Rote based classroom learning system may have been useful for society at a particular time in the past. At present knowledge, imparting processes have gone more digitized and are based on inclusive learning. The concept of case-studies, which is only limited to higher studies, should be taken to higher school and even to primary ones in some cases, many experts believe.

Since technological concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics have taken over the markets, it becomes imperative for the schools to introduce the concepts in the early classes and subsequently to increase the knowledge dissemination concepts as the students step up to greater levels.

Not only limited to only these technologies, tech-based new age information technology is mostly responsible for not only shaping the organizations but the world at large. In the opinion of the experts, disseminating digital knowledge such as consumer research skills are social media marketing could help the students in coping up with the fast-changing market a lot.

It becomes the duty of citizens of today to take care of the citizens of tomorrow. They are the ones who will bring India forward. Hence, it becomes an essential duty of policymakers to shape the Indian school curriculum very carefully.

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