Exams for traditional courses to be held online: Mumbai University

Mumbai University will hold online exams for its traditional and self-financed undergraduate programs, while the practical tests will be conducted at the campus. On the other hand, students enrolled in professional courses such as Engineering, Law, Management, and Nursing will have to sit for offline exams as decided earlier.

“To announce the results on time, and taking note of the vaccination status of students, the strike of ST buses in rural districts and fewer students in hostels, the university has decided to hold the exams in the online mode,” said Vinod Patil, university director and member of the board of examinations and evaluations.

Students and faculty have opposing opinions for the final term examinations starting on 19th April. While students are pleased with the online examination, teachers advocate that the exams should be conducted offline. “If the HSC exams are being held in the offline mode, why cannot they have the university exams offline,” said a teacher from the university.

But according to the statement issued by the university, the decision was important to announce the results on time. “The final semester exams for UG students are very important and it is necessary to announce results in time as well. Covid, as well as transport strikes across some parts of Maharashtra, left many students preparing for exams online only, so it made sense to conduct exams also online,” said a member of the board of examination.

As a result of the pandemic, universities are conducting exams online or in a hybrid fashion that includes both online and offline exams. At Gujarat University, students had the option of taking exams online or in person. Online exams were conducted between February 28th and March 7th. The examinations for 50,000 students that choose to sit for the offline examination will take place on March 15th.

“Each question will carry one mark and will have to be attempted in 50 minutes. One question will be visible on the screen for one minute only. University helplines will remain open if students face problems during the online examination,” officials from the university said. While taking the online exam, students are advised not to leave their seats or engage in any suspicious activities.

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