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Online MBA course can revive your stagnant career, say experts from SMU, Jaro Education

So you’ve graduated and caught hold of a job with an attractive salary. Starting off as an executive, you make it to the rank of a senior executive, exhausting your skills on the way. This is where you’ll find the wall of career stagnation, which a lot of executives find hard to conquer.

Transitioning to a managerial role requires certain skills and knowledge that only an MBA course can provide. Furthermore, a number of companies have a preference for individuals with a management degree. Yet, a full-time MBA is costly and affects your career path as you drift away from your profession.

MBA experts from Jaro Education and Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) consider online MBA as a better option for working professionals. Here’s why:

Balance MBA with work and family

MBA is a tough nut to crack, but balancing family and work with your studies is even more difficult. “When you enroll yourself in an online MBA course, you don’t have to attend lectures daily, thereby granting you time to manage your domestic and professional life”, explains a Jaro Education counselor. Sessions with online lecturers are flexible as well.

Flexibility in studie

As mentioned above, sessions with online lecturers are flexible since you can setup appointments according to your own convenience. “Studying for exams and tests is easier done with suppleness in your study timings. This only comes with online MBAs”, says a management guide from SMU. Some courses do have a campus-based residency scheme where students can strengthen their base with a week’s-worth training at a management school.

Online MBAs are cheaper

Online MBAs are relatively cheaper than full time MBA courses. Industry experts at Jaro Education state that online MBAs are likely to cost less than quarter the price of full-time MBAs. A PG diploma course costs around Rs 62,000. A full-time MBA in finance can cost up to Rs 14 lakh. There’s also the return on investment to consider, which shoots up when the course cost is cheap.

You also have an option of taking up Executive MBA (EMBA). Both Jaro Education and SMU counselors recommend taking up EMBA only when you’re more than 12 years deep into your field. It’s because you need to have diverse management knowledge prior to enrollment. EMBA is somewhat like distance MBA as you can continue to work full-time while studying for the course part-time.

For more info on distance MBA and executive MBA, visit the Jaro Education and Sikkim Manipal University websites.









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