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Dreaming Of Overseas Education? Get your act right before jumping the gun

If you’re planning overseas education for your child, it may prove to be a life-changing decision that will shape their future. Stepping into a country across seven seas might lure the student initially and they may feel slightly nervous yet happy.

However, here is a walk-through guide to help you attain success in your overseas education. These points might be a stepping stone in ensuring that you leave no stone unturned in achieving set milestones.

To begin with, you must ensure that your ward is mature enough to handle putting up alone in a completely new country where he/she will have to go through the daily grind by themselves. Not only this, but they will have to do their own household chores like laundry, etc., by themselves. Are they ready for complete freedom which has come suddenly? Let your ward attain undergraduate degrees, get internships here and then opt for abroad education.

Overseas education can actually cost you high, so make sure your family is ready for it. Be sure to find the available scholarships (part-time and full-time) and shortlist some universities. It may interest you to know that the options available are parent financing or student loans. Make an informed decision and not an overnight one. If you wish to send your child for graduation, then you must start preparing when he/she is in ninth grade. It will be great if your child gets a scholarship, if not, you have already prepared.

It is time to meet one of the finest counselors in town because this is the need of the hour. Someone who is all set to work along with the child and parent. Just in case you are added to the school WhatsApp groups, the network may come in handy. Meet a few of them and shortlist one that fits the bill.

Also, pick the stream or course your child wishes to take up in the future because it’s really important. The counselor might offer an ‘Aptitude Test’ etc.  However, whatever advice you get, please make sure you follow the passion or interest of your child. Because when they work in their preferred field of work or education, chances are their dedication and knowledge are likely to bring them a better lifestyle and success. Sit with the counselor to pick a few universities instead of applying for too many because it may cost you $75 each and can be quite a process to undergo.

Different countries may have their own set of tests that are required. You can begin the application process by the onset of 11th grade. You may start filing your applications early because the process can be somewhat intricate; therefore starting early may lead to a head start in your child’s career.

Finally, introspect on whether you’re ready for your child to take this route or not. After all, if everything is set and fine; then being in touch virtually and sacrificing their presence for their dreams and bright career is crucial.

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