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Why Parents are forced to transfer their children from private to government schools

Amid Covid-19 outbreak, one question that has been striking millions of minds across India is when will the schools reopen and how to cope up with the hefty fee amount. On March 22, a nationwide lockdown was announced in India. Till now, numerous relaxations have been applied and the lockdown is lifted in various states with some strict guidelines. However, there is no information yet regarding the reopening of schools.

The world economy is stagnant and crawling in today’s era. There are hardly any relaxations on the fee structure of private schools which is a big headache for parents. Going through a financial crunch due to job losses and pay cut amid the Covid-19 pandemic, parents are left with no other option than shifting their children from private to government schools to minimise their expenses to back their survival.

Parents across the cities are distressed and express their dissatisfaction with the education offered by the private schools and fee hikes post the lockdown. It is a major issue that they are considering for admitting their children to government schools.

On the other hand, some mentors revealed that they are already paying a hefty fee and private schools are not giving many concessions in the present situation when the world economy is going through tough times. This, it is necessary for private schools to consider offering relaxations in fee amount.

In some states like Haryana, as per a set of instructions issued by the department, it is mentioned that students can be admitted to government schools even without showing a school-leaving certificate. Ambala Deputy District Education Officer Sudhir Kalra stated that in the recent times, the department has received numerous complaints from parents that private schools were not issuing school-leaving certificates to their children. He also disclosed that many parents want their children to be enrolled in government schools due to financial constraints.

Several schools have supported the families during tough times by extending the fee submission dates and not charging a penalty of late fee submission. However, it is quintessential for authorities to find a permanent solution to benefit the families and stop the migration of students.

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