Pawan Ruia

Pawan Ruia | St Xavier’s College | University of Calcutta

The chairman of Ruia Group, Pawan Ruia graduated from St Xavier’s College. Post his graduation, Pawan Ruia completed LL.B. from University of Calcutta. Soon, he went onto study chartered Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, and Company Secretary ship.

After completing his studies, Pawan Kumar Ruia started his professional career by laying the foundation of Ruia Group in 1993. He soon became the Chairman of Raghav Industries Ltd in 2003. In the same year, Ruia Group took over 225-year-old PSU Jessop & Co and entered Heavy Engineering & Infrastructure sector under the leadership of Pawan Ruia.

Jessop started making good profits in a short span of time. Soon, Ruia Group took over Dunlop India Ltd. and Falcon Tyres Ltd in 2005. Headed by Pawan Ruia, Falcon tyres emerged as one of the few companies in the tyre industry to thrive in the midst of a crippling downturn. On the other hand, all the 4,000 employees of Dunlop were re-employed. The labour was secured, the legal glitches were resolved and the production began in full swing.

Pawan Ruia-led Ruia Group to become the fastest-growing multinational industrial conglomerates in India. The group also has a presence in the Health segment, through the P.D. Ruia Kayakalp Naturopathy & Health Resort.

With an experience of more than 30 years, Pawan Kumar Ruia has turned around many companies. As a result, he has become the most sought-after individual in the sector.

The reputation of Ruia Group has soared faster with Pawan Ruia at the helm. The group aims to take on board the best technology platforms and integrate them into their overall business perspective. Pawan Kumar Ruia has already expanded the manufacturing operations of the group to different parts of India. However, he has now geared up to expand the same across different countries in the years to come.


  1. Sameer

    St Xavier’s is one of the best college in Kolkata and many more elite people pass out from here.

  2. Harshit

    Ruia sir you are a shining star.

  3. বেনো

    সেন্ট জেভিয়ার্স কলেজ আশ্চর্যজনক এবং এর অবকাঠামোটি খুব ভাল।

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