What is Penetration Testing?

A lot of us have heard of the term “Penetration testing” but most of us do not know what it is. Well, ACIT Institute provides training on Penetration testing.

Penetration testing is a way to test a company’s present security system. This is executed by using parallel procedures and ways that are used by the real hackers and invaders of the world of unethical hacking. Such tests are commonly scenario-based and their aim is to calculate the waves of numerous latent threats to the security system.

Penetration testing is often conducted with the main motive of safeguarding a company and its private data. It can also be done to reassure that the security controls are operating in an accurate way. Experts say that a lot of companies are continuously dealing with the threat of becoming a target of corrupt hacking groups. So with the help of penetration testing such companies can sense latent dangers to a certain level.

This must be understood that devoid of possessing the thorough understanding of your company’s security arrangement, you cannot catch out the defects in it. It is completely essential to know your security system in order to advance and improve it further. Awareness regarding your attack surface area can help you in evolving and implementing a security program.

Specialists from ACIT Institute say that the necessity of penetration testing is sensed by various companies these days. Consequently the demand of experts specialized in this field has amplified manifolds.

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    I never knew that penetration testing could be this beneficial for an organization.

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