Jobs opportunities for a MBA graduate

Popular Job Opportunities After Completion of MBA

Five Career Paths and Job Opportunities for MBA Graduates


The masters of business administration (MBA) is one of the most popular choice among students as post- graduate course. The qualification lends itself to a variety careers, where return on investment is almost a certainty, easily reflected through increase in earning potential. The list of jobs after MBA are far and wide. MBA candidates can expect to gain a high level strategic approach to business decision making and enhanced leadership. The exposure of course provides a wide array of business specialisms including finance, human resource, operations, economics and marketing.


Top popular job choices for MBA graduate


Here is the list of career opportunities that you can select after MBA:

  1. Marketing:  If you feel that you excel in convincing power and innovative ideas, then marketing could be your forte. MBA offers career opportunities such as brand management, where generation of new branding strategies that create recognition for brand around the world, are of much importance.
  2. Finance: If you feel finance is the area for you to progress, there a variety of options available after MBA including roles such as Chief Financial officer. You may also get opportunities in accountancy, corporate finance, insurance and risk management.
  3. Human resource (HR): Are you amazed at the idea of influencing the workforce culture? MBA can fulfill your dreams. You will work particularly in fields of employee relation, learning and development, recruitment and talent management etc. after successful completion of course
  4. Accounting: A lot of people opt for MBA to acquire expertise in the field of accounting. It is one of the popular choice for jobs after MBA. It could also be possible that you intent on predicting the future trends in consumption and trade and want to work for investment banks, accountancy firms or even policy makers within the government. Opting for MBA if you wish to work in above- stated fields is the perfect choice.
  5. Project Manager: A career in project management for MBA graduates can lead to a variety of openings and roles in the organization. These positions can be within the company or across different organizations. Furthermore, this is one of the most desired jobs after MBA for an individual in any organization, in terms of skill development.


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