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Meet Praveen Sinha of Jabong: An alumnus of Modern School, Delhi who revolutionised the e-commerce market

Here is the story of a maverick entrepreneur and a business leader who revolutionised the Indian e-commerce industry through his strong divergent thought process. Alumnus of Modern School, Delhi, Praveen Sinha is popularly known for starting the businesses from scratch and taking them to the pinnacle of success. Talking about how and when he developed key traits required to be a successful entrepreneur, Sinha says, “I have spent few of my formative years  at Modern School, Barakhamba Road, Delhi.”

Learning Teamwork and Life skills

Often, it has been observed that many children learn life skills such as the ability to work in group at school. For an entrepreneur, cooperating with the team on board is one of the most important characteristics that he/she needs to have. With a bright and inquisitive mind, Sinha also learnt to work in teams during his time at Modern School, Delhi. Sinha calls teamwork as one of the most essential traits that an entrepreneur needs to possess. He even goes on to say that building a team and managing it is the key to an ever-growing business.

Entrepreneur with an eye for detail

From his childhood days, Sinha had an eye for detail, a quality that he honed during his school days. During his Jabong days, what made Praveen successfully drive innovation was his habit of going into details of everything to understand the business better. “Capability to go deep and solve issues at granular level is the key. Macro level will give you the direction but it will not give you acceleration unless you solve the bottleneck issues,” he says. While handling the supply chain management of the firm, Sinha gave attention to every detail, along with never compromising quality over quantity. Consequently, Jabong despite entering the e-commerce market later offered better customer satisfaction than its well-established competitors.

The ladder of success

Post completing his schooling, Sinha cracked the competitive exam to enrol into the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering. Completing his engineering degree, he joined India’s biggest passenger vehicle manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India. Later, he joined IIM Calcutta to gain a deeper understanding of business. Since then, he never looked back and has been climbing the ladder of success by surpassing his milestones. As a serial entrepreneur, he has established a number of businesses that went on to become leaders in their own space.

School lays the foundation of a child’s success in life. It is the place where children learn most of the important life skills. The story of a successful businessman Praveen Sinha tells us how important is the role of school as an institution in the life of every individual. It also indicates that if you have the audacity and zeal to cross the horizons without fear utilising your best skills, you can conquer the world the way you want.

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