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Rajat Khare, Venture Capitalist and founder of Boundary Holding

An IIT-Delhi alumni in B.Tech (Computer Science), Rajat Khare Venture capitalist is best known as the founder of Boundary Holding, a European investment fund with presence in Luxembourg and France. He is also an active member of the Indian angel network and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), IIT Delhi’s alumni association.

Khare’s company is globally known as an unconventional bridge fund organization that invests in next-generation technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, and algorithmic trading. Two of the leading investments by Boundary Holding feature XRVision and Asteria Aerospace. While the former is a facial recognition and crowd analytics startup based in Singapore, latter is a Bengaluru-based company that deals in drones and associated technology with the underlying concept of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Name Rajat Khare
Category Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Investor
Alma Mater Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Occupation Founder, Boundary Holding, Investor
Rajat Khare’s  Age Not Available
Publication ‘Make the Move’ – Demystifying Entrepreneurship
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Recently, Boundary Holding invested in two French-based deep tech startups that provide advanced UAS solutions Cerbair and Internet. The former is based on radio frequency and optical technologies which provide Counter-UAS solutions while the latter has developed a low landing system (LoLaS) that offer precise landing to rotatory wings on mobile and fixed targets, even in a harsh environment.

Rajat Khare’s work as an entrepreneur has been cited as a case study in Professor Patrick Turner’s entrepreneurship course at the INSEAD Business School. Furthermore, he has been the guiding light for young entrepreneurs with his encouragement and support for multiple ventures that hold immense potential.

Being a successful entrepreneur, an investor, and also a motivator, Rajat Khare has co-authored the book “Make the Move” for entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, or even established businessmen. It encourages them to take the step forward, unhindered by the problems that might come along the path to success. The book also provides an extensive view on entrepreneurship essentials like financial management and marketing, financing fundamentals.

The book motivates entrepreneurs to chase success, and not deviate from their aim because of the presence of challenges. It also encourages young entrants to learn from real-life experiences, and understand the ‘know-how’ of the industry.

In 2006, at the President’s House, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam lauded his efforts in the direction of promoting entrepreneurship.

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  1. Saurav Jain

    Another IITian, another success story. What is exactly so special about this institute that churns out achievers? Envy, but inspired!

  2. Rohan Sharma

    New guns in startups and entrepreneurs need guidance. People should realize that shaping the present is how the future will be better. Guide the knowledge to increase the skill.

  3. Mukesh Alhawat

    Motivational book. Looks like I mist end up reading it considering the profile! XD

  4. Bhavna Chauhan

    AI and ML is the future and more people should not just study this, but understand and implement it for contributing to the future

  5. Priya

    Promote entrepreneurs instead of demotivating them. This is the need of the hour and people should remember this. Not Crab Theory, but Ladder Theory

  6. PriyaKshitij Anand

    IIT Delhi is the best. Something about this institute and technical guys. Even the WhatsApp guy is an IIT D alumni.

  7. Danish Khan

    Cited as a case study. Have to read this guy’s book now.

  8. Megha Mandavia

    Such people are inspirational. Self-growth should be accompanied with the world’s growth and for that, investment in technology of the new age is imperative.

  9. Dinesh Sharma

    Need more funds investing in ML and AI and startups to work harder for the same. The future is tech and the preparation can only be done now to enjoy monopoly later.

  10. Nitika Sharma

    I would like to read Rajat Khare’s book “make the move”, it sounds interesting. An enterprenuer needs a lot of motivation that can be taken from any source or medium. If anyone has read it plz give the feedbacks too.

  11. Neeta Bhatia

    Well people like Rajat Khare and his company Boundary Holding doing a great job.

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