List of Reason for Job Change

Reasons why you should change your job after 5 years

This might sound counter-productive, but changing your job every 5 years is quite healthy for your career. Here are the top 5 reason for job change that argue why you should break the uniformity and apply to new places.
Reason for job change


Working on the same platform and doing the same kind of work every day can put the creative part of your brain to slumber. You might have noticed that you’re not bringing more innovative ideas as you used to. It’s because your mind has been saturated. Changing your workplace may bring you a different role and a different environment. Novelty will milk your brain with creativity.



Monotony is one of the major reason for job change. Monotonous tasks breed a boring office life. It becomes unbearable after a while when you don’t have anything new to do. Using the same knife repeatedly dulls its blade, the same way, performing similar tasks every day will dull your skills. Changing your job keeps away the monotony most professionals are afraid of.


Financial leaps

Most of the offices have a fixed amount of appraisal rate. It does not change unless you’re doing exceptionally great at work. If you’re in dire need of a high raise, the appraisal does not always help. In that case, jumping jobs help the most. Changing jobs allows you to negotiate your salary up to 100% of your previous salary or more.


More experience

Working on different fronts of your sector bestows more experience. You’ll happy when you see yourself grow professionally. Managerial posts are given mostly to those who know all the tricks of the trade.


Increase contacts

Wherever you go in your industry, you will make friends. Changing jobs every five years will introduce you to a lot of people who can open new avenues for you. Making new contacts in the industry is important for new opportunities.

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