Ryan International Group’s significant contribution to social inclusion and education for all

Providing quality education to their children is every parent’s dream. However, finding the perfect school for children is often a herculean task for the parents, given the scarcity of skilled educators and hike in school fee. A prominent name in the Indian education scenario, Ryan International School has been working towards providing quality education to the middle class ever since its inception.

In the late ’80s, when Ryan International Group of Institutions began its journey, the K-12 education in India was in the midst of many challenges. Quality education in the country was not in good form with limited options available. There were only a handful of esteemed schools not enough to cater to the aspirations and needs of a vast number of students. Only the elites were able to have access to K-12 education since the middle-class could not afford it.

The contribution of education in the making of a great country cannot be estimated or determined. Since students are the future of the nation and society, they deserve to get quality education to gain confidence and dream big. Walking on the path to making India developed and prosperous through education, Ryan Group is committed to promoting social inclusion and equality.

Ryan International School owner Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto and Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto started their first school in the year 1976. The vision was to offer excellent standard of education that students from all sections of the society can avail. Today, ensuring that every child has an access to education, the group offers a wide range of curriculum at different prices.

It aims to make education in India inclusive and open to all. Operating more than 135 schools in 40 cities across 18 states in India, Ryan has achieved tremendous success in its mission to become the largest private institution to offer high quality and affordable education. Parents from all over the country prefer sending their children to Ryan schools to meet their requirements of quality education so that they can make their future bright.

Without the shadow of a doubt, Ryan Group’s high stature in the field of education in India can be credited to Dr. A. F. Pinto and Madam Grace Pinto. Their active involvement has been instrumental in motivating the whole Ryan team. Talking about the achievements of Ryan International Group of Institutions, Dr. Pinto said these are possible only with divine inspiration and guidance of God.

“God planted a seed in my heart and directed me to spread affordable, high-quality English medium education within Indian society. Our efforts, dedication, and vision have helped us establish one of the largest chains of high-quality educational institutes in the country,” he stated.

Madam Grace Pinto said, “We are grateful for the guidance, protection and inspiration from the Almighty that has been with us through the years. All children deserve an education that will challenge and prepare them for the competitive and technology-driven world we live in. We trust in the grace of Jesus Christ that the Ryan Group will meet the needs of these children, providing them with the skills and knowledge they will need in the future.”

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