Ryan International School organizes Food Bucket Challenge; aims to invigorate student’s sense of compassion

Ryan International Group takes proactive initiative to improve the lives of less privileged children, through efforts of its school’s children

Social commitment is an integral part of every organization, especially educational institutions that nurture the outlook of children towards society and the world. In the long line of initiatives aligned with social responsibility, Ryan International Group launched Ryan School’s ‘Food Bucket Challenge’. Alice Vaz, the principal of Ryan International School, Kharghar, said that the aim of the challenge is to highlight the needs of less fortunate people and instill a sense of compassion within the students.

Ryan International School
Ryan International Group

Organizing the collection of different food derivatives, the aim of the challenge is to collect approximately 1,000 ton of rice, dal, wheat, etc. After the collection, the entire lot will distributed to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and orphanages pan India. Considering that there are nearly 30,000 students across Ryan International Schools based in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai, the event is expected to impact and inspire several hundred students.

Kicking off the program at St Lawrence School, the student community showcased a positive response. As reported by DNAIndia, Rujoola Dahibawkar, a grade 8 student in Ryan International School, Kharghar, said, “I took one kg of potatoes and 10 kg of rice. I have never experienced such activity before, it was awesome. I realized how blessed I am and that I should not waste food as there are so many children who don’t get food to eat.”

Backing the ideology, Ryan Pinto, the CEO of Ryan International Group added, “Hunger is the number one cause of death in India and hence, is imperative to encourage our students become change agents and initiate a positive difference.” The program, movement if you may, will be organized across 130 Ryan International Schools in 40 cities.

Furthermore, the participation of the little ones and their guardians inspired people from all walks of life to participate in the noble cause and contribute to their capacity. Such programs have been organized by Ryan International School in the past, thereby empowering the changing dynamic of education, the role of teachers and the institution as mentors.

The future of the country will be molded and crafted by today’s children and sensitivity towards societal issues is key to provide the required momentum to such initiatives. Along with this, it will promote a sense of holistic growth of the students, apart from just being centered on academics, so as to focus on their overall development as a human being and a responsible part of the society.

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