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Sanjiv Mehta is the CEO of Shah Brothers Ispat Pvt Ltd.

Born on December 14, 1963 in Mumbai, Sanjiv Mehta is the CEO of Shah Brothers Ispat Pvt Ltd. A B.Com degree holder from H.R. College, Churchgate, he is currently also serving as the Vice President of Steel Users Federation of India (SUFI) — a platform designed with a goal to enhance per capita steel consumption in India.

Sanjiv Mehta’s Shah Brothers Ispat currently distributes a wide range of products like boiler quality plates, high tensile plates, stainless steel plates throughout the country. By staying in step with the market trade activities, the company is also regarded as the pioneer in importing the Boiler Quality (Pressure Vessel Quality) Plates into India. With sheer determination and vision, Sanjiv Mehta played an instrumental role in leading the company from a revenue of Rs. 50 Crores p.a. to Rs. 1200 Crores as a group at peak.

Due to this, Shah Brothers Ispat has a good steel distribution network in India— meeting the growing demands of steel in infrastructure projects. From wind mills, to bridges, to railways, Shah Brothers Ispat Pvt Ltd. has been playing a pivotal role since the year 1958— owing to the CEO, Sanjiv Mehta, who has been responsible for transforming the company from a local niche player to an international trading organization in the steel sector.

Besides being the CEO of Shah Brothers, Sanjiv Mehta has also played an essential part in the establishment of SUFI. A platform which represents national issues pertaining to the steel industry in India, includes the likes of primary & secondary manufacturers, general fabricators and importers, among others, thus charting a movement which caters to everyone associated with the sector. To guide the operations and creations of steel futures, SUFI also recently signed a MOU with the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Alongside this, Sanjiv Mehta has also been quite active in social services. Two year ago, he served as the president of Rotary Club of Mumbai Queen’s Necklace for a year, which ranks amongst the top two spenders on social service in South Mumbai. During the term, his determination led to the establishment of the largest centralized kitchen in South Mumbai, to feed Mid-day meals to municipal school children, in collaboration with Annamrita.

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  1. Aman Chaudhary

    I attended one of the Steel Federation events, Sanjiv Mehta’s extensive knowledge about Indian steel industry is remarkable.

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