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Are schools emphasizing enough upon value education as an integral part of curriculum?

If you ask any parent about the adult they would like their child to grow up to be, “A good human being with good values” will definitely rank high on the list. In today’s world, where corruption, violence, unrest have become so prevalent in our society, every parent looks for a school that instills good values in their tiny tots.

The people around the children play a vital role in leaving an impression on the tender minds of these young individuals. With the increasing trend of nuclear families, absence of grandparents and the elderly members in the family, parents working round-the-clock, children often end up devoid of any influence that might inculcate qualities like kindness, gratitude, strong ethics, etc.

At this juncture, schools have an added responsibility to ensure that value education is taken seriously as a part of the curriculum to produce not just educated, but also responsible citizens with insightful minds who believe in giving back to the society.

The role of educators becomes imperative to ensure that values are interwoven in all the lessons they take up with the students. This is a belief Ryan International Schools shares with parents. The school’s mission statement describes a Ryanite as “A student with the knowledge, attitude, skills, social and moral values which enhances their personality, and develops physical and psycho-social capabilities.”

Value education starts right from the very first day at Ryan International School and continues until the students graduate. Parents see their children’s communication skills, spontaneity, presence of mind, intellect and values blossom within a few weeks of joining Ryan International School.

Care and compassion, healthy interactions and positive attitude towards learning are carefully inculcated. Soft skills such as learning multiple languages, social- listening and manners are introduced and groomed. Ryan International School emphasizes upon the students showing courtesy to the staff and community helpers. To explain and reinforce the importance of the environment and service to society, environment education seminars and plantation drives are conducted by the school.

The attention to developing a student’s social, moral and ethical skills continues as children grow and attend primary and secondary sessions. Students are taught about respect for cultural diversity and religion, the value of life, integrity, courage, honesty, kindness and the vitality of the personal discipline.

Ryan International School follows a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and has roped in counsellors in most of their branches to aid students facing personal and academic dilemmas. Ryanites show genuine enthusiasm, respect, and courtesy, to academic and corporate visitors at the school – a trait they continue to demonstrate outside the school as students, and in later stages of their lives as adults.

Instilling good values is of importance to a parent while choosing a school. Ryan International School understands this and works towards cultivating well-spoken, sensitive, courteous, and socially aware adults for tomorrow, with a strong moral and ethical fibre.

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