SEO Tips For Marketing

Web Marketing has emerged as an indispensable part of the marketing strategies which a company adopts to advertise their product/services. It broadly involves marketing of the websites which enclose service/product that has to be presented before internet users for booting business. Internet marketing derives its origin from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is the process of boosting the rank of web pages or websites for some specific set of keywords in search engine results. This has certainly increased the demand of SEO executives in the web development companies. The SEO expert knows the pros and cons of search engine optimization.

Here is a basic SEO Process that assists in building and enhancing the ranking of web pages so that they fall under the top results searched by search engines for your targeted keywords : –

Step 1: Review Business objectives

Step 2: Carry out preliminary keyword analysis

Step 3: Identify the keyword/landing page combinations

Step 4: Interim Client authorization for Keyword/Landing Pages

Step 5: Baseline Ranking & Traffic reports

Step 6: On-site & Off-site website optimization

Step 7: Comprehensive Recommendation credentials

Step 8: Implementation

Step 9: Monitoring and Optimizing: monthly report to spot trends and assist guide additional adjustments

Website Architecture

  • Search Engine Friendly Descriptions

  • Search Engine Friendly Keywords

  • Domain Name & Components of a Web Site

  • Search Engine Friendly Content

  • Search Engine Friendly Meta Tags

  • Search Engine Friendly Title

  • How to promote home page

  • Keywords Research and Analysis

  • On Page Optimization

  • SEO Techniques

  • Meta Keywords

  • Meta Tags

  • Meta Description

  • Header and Footer

  • Promoting inner pages of the website

  • Keyword Density Analysis

  • Optimizing website content

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