Singhania University Bangalore Reviews: Infrastructure, faculty, courses offered and more!

It is well said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Before you invest in any university, the most important things to keep in mind include the infrastructure, the faculty and the courses.

For all the aspiring candidates, here is a detailed set of Singhania University Bangalore reviews that you need to go through before you enroll in the university.

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Singhania university Bangalore reviews on infrastructure

The infrastructure of the university includes:

  • Boys Hostel and Girls Hostel
  • Pathology Lab
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Sports Complex

Listed below are a few Singhania university Bangalore reviews about the infrastructure:

“Impeccable facilities were provided by our college mainly hostel was amazing. The food served was superb while compared to other colleges. We had highly structured labs, grounds, and facilities.” – Chandrasekhar

“The college is located in a commercial area. There is very good access to good restaurants and cafes near the college. Classrooms are good and equipped with LED television in all classrooms. There is a central air-conditioning facility throughout the college. Labs were good. The exam center at our college was very helpful.” – Anonymous

Singhania University Bangalore reviews on faculty

The faculty of any university can make or break the quality of education and the future of the students that are enrolled in it.

Well-learned and educated people like Dr Anoop Sharma, Dr Uma Shankar Yadav, Dr Yogesh Kumar and Dr Anil Kumar are a part of the management committee at Singhania University.

Below are a few Singhania University Bangalore reviews about the faculty:

“It is a good college and provides good placements. Faculty: Faculty members in our college were good. Some of them were Ph.D. holders. and some were graduates. The learning process was important. I recommend joining this college.” – Chandrasekhar

“Faculty: 1. Yes, the teachers are helpful, qualified, and knowledgeable. Their teaching quality is average, helpful for study only. Not provide other knowledge 2. Yes, this course curriculum is relevant. Yes, it makes the students industry ready. Very good faculty members in my college. Kind nature of every professor. Very helpful and they provide appropriate guidance”- Mohit Patel

Singhania University Bangalore offers the following courses:

  • Sc.
  • J.M.C
  • Ed
  • E/B.Tech
  • J.M.C.
  • BBA
  • UG Diploma
  • PG Diploma
  • BPT
  • Sc.
  • E./M.Tech
  • Ed
  • A.
  • A.
  • Ed
  • m.
  • MMRT and more!

We have also picked up a few other reviews for you to read!

“Opportunities provided were very high in our college. Many companies visited the campus to hire students. Pesticides seed companies and whatever was the requirement they hired. Placement depends upon you. Learn as much as you can, and survive in these critical situations, because there are very few opportunities for these generations. Our college provided good studies and many companies visit the campus for recruitment. Even I got placed from college.” – Chandrasekhar

 “I had a good and fruitful experience at JD Institute. The college has offered a lot many placement opportunities. Various companies like H&M, VOI Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, etc., visited the campus to offer placements. All my classmates got placed and are working in renowned places as a stylist or as a PR. The average salary offered by these brands is Rs. 10,000-25,000 per month. It is indeed a good experience to be a part of the campus interviews that are conducted in our college.” – Yashasvi Jadwani

We hope that the Singhania University Bangalore reviews were useful for you. Good luck to all the students!

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