Speak French like a pro? You can pick these career options

Foreign language learning is not just an additional achievement in your resume. It has the potential of being a career option in itself. While language learning comes with its own struggles, the rewards are equally unique. Experts at inlingua New Delhi shed some light on the job prospects associated with French: a language spoken in 29 countries:-


If you are a master of French, this is the go-to career option. Embassies, conferences or courts, everyone needs an interpreter. They are responsible for understanding and speaking the other person’s statements in real time. The pay scale is higher than translators because translation has written text and they can take their own sweet time to express it in French. Comparatively, this is an equally competitive field and it could be your dream career if you can express a non-native speaker’s sentence with the correct French expression.


Many people aspire to learn French, and you could be their teacher. You can understand their struggles better since you’ve faced similar situations while you were a learner. In addition, private institutes and individual coaching have a healthy demand of French teachers with good pay scale.
Ms Tanushree, an instructor at inlingua New Delhi expressed, “Teaching French is an amazing job. It helps me to stay in regular touch with the language. Knowing that they will struggle in pronouns or accent pronunciation like my classmates used to helps to explain the respective topics with more emphasis for the student’s improved understanding.”

Publication Houses

There are two aspects here: Proofreading and Editing. The former works parallel with translators to check grammatical errors and subsequently, correct them. On the other hand, editors are the advanced version of this. They are responsible for checking the syntax, flow, sentence length and other language intricacies.


Think tanks and companies with a dedicated research branch have a requirement for multilingual people. If the company has their process in a country with native language as French, you could be just the man for the job. Energy, environment, technology, military and endless other research domains vary from companies to tanks. Find your field of interest and get going. You could even try for NGOs like Red Cross and work towards making the world a better place by contributing to various global issues.


This includes everything associated with French. To name a few things, you can translate documents, transcribe audios, give a voice over for someone’s YouTube videos, and provide subtitles. Multiple freelance sites have projects for French translators. Furthermore, you are your own boss, and there is no restriction of rigid schedules or hours registered. You can work and earn as per your comfort and maintain a better balance between personal and professional life.

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