Stress to crack Class X board exams returns

Stress for class X board exams return as CBSE implements an eight year-old policy

The panic of class X board exams is back, and students are feeling the burden to cover all syllabus, and outperform their competitors. Besides, what adds insult to injury is the current scenario of sample papers, and uncertainty about weight age of chapters. Since, there is no proper blueprint available, the students don’t how much time do they need to devote to each concept.

Stress to crack Class X board exams returns

This uncertainty is a result of eight year break, because CBSE earlier used to divide the syllabus into two halves and follow the pattern of SA1 and SA2. While it has now returned back to its old scheme, leaving behind dilemma for students of class X.

Unlike previous years, students this year are facing the heat. A students of class X, Gaurav from Vidya Bharti School said “Though I have been scoring well throughout the year, but I’m still not sure if I would be able to deliver the same in the coming exams.”

Clearly the situation needs a clarity. Besides, as the patterns suggests, it seems that the CBSE is stuck with its policy to not reveal the weightage, and wants the students to give due attention to all concepts.

It would be interesting to see if students can perform well and come up with good grades, or will we see a decline in the passing percentage. Only time will tell.

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