Sunil Godhwani

Born in the capital of India, New Delhi, Sunil Godhwani is an entrepreneur, a mentor and the former managing director of Religare Enterprises Limited. He received his M.Sc Degree in Industrial Engineering & Finance from Polytechnic Institute of New York in the year 1985. Post his graduation, Godhwani decided to invest his time and efforts in Godhwani Bros India Private Limited, instead of pursuing a lucrative career in any of the famous companies.

Within a span of 2 years, he proved his mettle as a director when Sunil Godhwani expanded the business operations of the company successfully from domestic to international markets, mainly covering the US, Europe, thereby tripling sales and exports from India in high-end leather such as wearable’s and accessories.

His efforts were well received and recognized in the Indian business sector, when in the year 2001, he was named as the CEO of the Fortis Financial Limited subsequently named as Religare Enterprises Limited. Godhwani’s entry in Religare led to revamping in policies, when he refocused Religare Enterprises into an India focused financial services group and established it as a multi billion dollar entity.

“Leaders should not be looking for credit but only for support”- an outlook and force behind the success of Religare Enterprises Limited. Within a span of 15 years, the company became a diversified financial entity offering multiple services such as Loans to Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)’s, Asset Management and Private equity, owing to the strong vision and teamwork under the leadership of Godhwani.

Due to such contribution, Sunil Godhwani was also referred to as Religare’s man for all seasons, as per a news on Economic Times. Besides this, he also played a major role in building other companies.

Sunil Godhwani’s contribution to the country’s finance sector has been well-acknowledged in the form of various prominent awards and recognitions from all over the world. He has been honored with ‘CEO of the year Award’ at CEO Clubs International Awards, India, one of the prime recognitions and proud moment for this prolific Indian businessman.


  1. Nausheen

    Sunil Godhwani referred to as Religare’s man for all seasons.

  2. Kunal

    Sunil Godhwani is a inspiration for me.

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