Artificial Intelligence

P.B Siddhartha College

P.B Siddhartha College prepares itself for the AI industry

In the past few years, it has become more critical to study subjects like artificial intelligence and data science. According to online learning platforms, many companies even outside the IT sector prefer to hire candidates with a deep understanding of artificial intelligence. Tech courses are becoming increasingly popular among students of all backgrounds. As a…

trends in digital classrooms for 2021

Latest Trends in Digital Classrooms for 2021

Virtual Classrooms were introduced way back in the bright summer of 1995 due to the CyberSchool Project in Eugene, Oregon. Initiated by nine district faculties, it provided supplementary virtual high-school education to the optimum. It helped in breaking education stereotypes harbored for decades simply because it comes as a refreshing new change from the traditional…


The changing trend: AI courses gaining popularity over traditional courses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has progressed to an extent that it is transforming the industries by making business solutions efficient and effective on a very large scale. We are living in a period with technological ultra-advancement and more and more people relying upon AI as compared to the processes which are manually done. This means that…

Jaro Education

Why is now the right time to know about Data Analytics, Big Data and Data Science?

We officially live in a data-driven environment. Already taking the technology by storm, the data generation rate is even more than the human birth rate. With every next step, the world is moving towards a digital economy, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we clinch that data will largely form our tomorrow. If data…