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Techniques to Survive Tremor By Billabong High International School

Recently, the north-eastern state Manipur was shook by the massive earthquake that hit there. Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has warned that bigger quakes are expected to jolt the region in future. If disaster management experts at the MHA are to be believed, then India is on the verge of being hit by massive and catastrophic…

School plays a crucial role

School plays a crucial role in a child’s development

We all know that this is a fact that a school plays a very important role in a child’s overall development. In today’s time there is a cut-throat kind of competition going on in every field, therefore School plays a crucial role in a child’s development. At Billabong High International School, experts believe that a child is…

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Save your child from being bullied

Bullying is a serious problem that a lot of students face during their school life. This problem is more intense than it sounds. It can leave a great deal of negative impact on a child’s life. Getting bullied by somebody at school can be a traumatic experience for a child as this is no less…