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EMBA in Financial Market: Mastering in finance fora career in stock market

The stock market of India is proliferating at a rapid pace. In fact, the country’s market capitalisation currently stands at over $2 trillion and ranks eighth among the top equity markets in the world. With the growth of the market, new employment opportunities have also opened up, offering lucrative career options to job-seekers regardless of…

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Online MBA course can revive your stagnant career, say experts from SMU, Jaro Education

So you’ve graduated and caught hold of a job with an attractive salary. Starting off as an executive, you make it to the rank of a senior executive, exhausting your skills on the way. This is where you’ll find the wall of career stagnation, which a lot of executives find hard to conquer. Transitioning to…

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Career progression with an Executive MBA | Jaro Education

In today’s highly competitive world, having just experience is not enough to plan a good career. It is just too important to possess higher qualification so to have an accomplished career. High qualification is the key to open all the closed doors towards your career. That being the case, people are opting for an executive…