jaro education reviews

Jaro Education Reviews

Gain an upper hand in the business world with Jaro Education and IIM Trichy’s e-GMP

The Covid-19 crisis has taken its toll on every sector of business and finance with the corporate environment being changed drastically. The effects have been so profound that even if we do manage to ‘flatten the curve’ eventually, for business organisations, getting out of the aftermath may take a long time. Taking the current circumstances…

Jaro Education

EMBA in Financial Market: Mastering in finance fora career in stock market

The stock market of India is proliferating at a rapid pace. In fact, the country’s market capitalisation currently stands at over $2 trillion and ranks eighth among the top equity markets in the world. With the growth of the market, new employment opportunities have also opened up, offering lucrative career options to job-seekers regardless of…

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Accelerated General Management Program: Building real networks through virtual classrooms

The catchphrase “Your network is your net worth” is something a prospective management student would be reflecting upon time and again. Studies have shown that around 50 to 60 percent of MBA graduates get their dream job through peer networking and even most working executives acquire higher job roles through it. In terms of peer…

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Skills every sales representative should master

Being a sales representative isn’t as easy as it seems. Sales skills don’t always come naturally to new working professionals, and the seasoned seniors often don’t find enough time to share the knowledge with their juniors. Career counsellors at Jaro Education enlist top skills every sales rep should master. Take a look: Product knowledge Sales…

Jaro Education

Jaro Education reviews the benefits of pursuing an online MBA

While bracing oneself for applying to business school, one might wonder about Online MBA programs, more so if they are already struggling juggling family life with a busy work schedule. Most students are quite nervous when it comes to pursue an MBA online. They are often skeptical about the reputation of the online courses. However,…