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Techniques to Survive Tremor By Billabong High International School

Recently, the north-eastern state Manipur was shook by the massive earthquake that hit there. Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has warned that bigger quakes are expected to jolt the region in future. If disaster management experts at the MHA are to be believed, then India is on the verge of being hit by massive and catastrophic earthquake. Hence, it has become very imperative to take necessary steps to protect ourselves from tremors as we all know that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Earthquakes do not ring doorbell and then come. When they hit, our instant instinct asks us to run outside. However, sometimes it is not pragmatic to do so, more so if you have a baby or kid to take care of as well.Hence, disaster management teachers of highly reputed schools such as Bombay Scottish School, Billabong High International School and Podar International School are telling about some techniques to survive quake with your child.

  • If you are caught indoors at home when an earthquake strikes, start by carefully picking your child in your arms and holding him/her close to your chest. Take cover together in a safe place until the shaking stops.
  • Stay away from objects as much as you can that may shatter or fall such as sliding glass doors, hanging lights or lamps, windows panes, electrical fixtures like wall mounted TVs, ACs, overhead cabinets, tall book cases, wall hangings, paintings and display shelves.
  • When you are in a safe place, crouch over while holding your child close to you. You will need to be cautious so you do not lose your balance.
  • When the shaking has stopped, get out of your safe place and exit the building. Strong aftershocks are common so it’s best to be outdoors for the next round of shakes.

We really hope that these techniques be of some help to you in any case of calamity!

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