The Campus connect: Why Educational Institutions are focusing on largesse

A lush green expanse sprawling through acres, complete with amenities like golf course, gymnasium, and specific recreational areas – that is the new standard of an educational campus. The scale of grandeur mapped by some institutions gives birth to a curious question: Why are educational institutions focusing on largesse of the campus?

The answer is simple: having learning spaces in good conditions is decisive for students to achieve the expected academic results. A good school infrastructure, with renewed spaces, tends to improve the attendance and interest of students and teachers in learning. And while the characteristic scale of space allocated to a government institution, large private institutions come as a pleasant surprise.

Woxsen School of Business

According to a faculty member at Woxsen School of Business, the amenities provided to the students on campus have a great impact upon the attendance and learning. The institute, for instance, has a multiple golf courses in its campus, making Woxsen one prime candidate for large-campus-private-schools.

“For the students who love to read and study, any place can be good to learn. They might say that the space you are in does not matter, that the physical context is secondary, and that what’s more important is to concentrate upon what you are reading. However, the same doesn’t hold true in the case of other students,” he said.

The faculty member continued, “If there’s anything that drives students into choosing a particular college or university after the faculty and placement assistance, it’s the campus. When students get a constructive environment full of amenities – both educational and recreational – they tend to become more interested and involved in learning.”

The claim is not baseless. According to UNESCO, the school dropout rate is greater in rural areas with under-developed infrastructure than in urban schools with modern campuses. Several studies have revealed that the physical conditions of educational institutions has a deep impact upon school completion and cycle completion rates, and increases registration.

Top B School in India, WSB Hyderabad

A good campus infrastructure also keeps the teachers as motivated as the students. Due interest from students acts as a great boost for teachers. Studies have further found that the campus amenities have a greater effect reducing absenteeism than teacher salaries or the effect of the administrative tolerance for absences.

The effect in the pedagogy and the overall presence and the environment makes for a well-formed college campus that can let the students focus on studies and their social life.

Between the grand scale of things, large sized universities provide a different type of experience to its students, socially and academically – creating an innate sense of freedom and openness that characterizes a student’s experiences in college – whether undergrad or postgrad. With a few recognizable large sized schools include IBS Hyderabad, and Woxsen School of Business understanding the concept and the need for large campus, private institutions could soon be expected to follow an informal doctrine meeting students’ campus expectations.

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