There’s more to your career choice than ‘doing what you love’

Most of us do not have a defined framework for our career path. The primary reason for this is our conventional approach towards academics with percentages being the top priority in school life and copied assignments in colleges. Consequently, when it is time to choose a career, we usually follow the herd or decide better to “do what you love”. And if you belong to the latter category, you know it is easier said than done.

On that note, here are three key points (and a pro tip) to keep in mind while selecting a career choice that is aligned with your interests:-

Narrow down your field of interest

Analyze yourself and segregate two things: Passion and strengths. While former will narrow down your field of interest, latter will act as a filter to rule out the possibilities that do not make for a feasible career. The ideal career choice for you lies at the intersection of these two parameters.


Now that you have shortlisted, say five, possible career paths, do a thorough research on each one of them. Read about the required academic qualifications, skills, and various job opportunities associated with the choices. This will be instrumental in selecting the right graduation course you have to pursue for the desired career path or help you understand the options available if you are currently in college.

Talk to professionals

Now that you have only a couple of career choices, talk to the corresponding industry professionals. It is a fact that there is a gap between current academic offerings and requirements of the corporate world. In order to stay ahead of the curve, discuss about the latest market trends, which opportunities are expected to bloom in the near future, which are the primary technical and non-technical skills you need to know, etc.

Pro Tip: You can search for the job opportunities of the career choices on portals such as Naukri, Monster, Shine, etc. The idea is to focus on the Job Description section so as to understand what would be your key responsibilities if you are working at a certain designation. This will help you realize if you could actually do the job or not.

Career is a choice that stays with you throughout life and defines who you are. So, when you are taking such a crucial decision, ensure that you finalize it with planning, knowledge, and precision.

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