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Three trends that are changing the face of education forever

Inclusive education is essential and should be the norm not the exception – Maja Asif

When technology is disrupting almost every industry across the spectrum, it becomes imperative for us to embrace ourselves for an unpredictable future, and the only way out is to adopt dynamic education. When the whole world is adopting curriculum backed by technology, automation, and globalisation, it is the right time for India to get rid of its rot learning education system and adopt more creative, independent thinking, problem-solving and skill-based education.

Here are the top three trends that are paving the way to a new and stronger education system not only in India;

1. Blended Learning

Mobile phones and easily accessible internet is changing the learning pattern at a pace than ever before. With around 600 million internet subscribers, India is rapidly emerging as one of the fastest growing online markets in the world. The recent penetration of mobile phones in the peripheries of India has fuelled up this trend. This has resulted in a trend to learn anytime and anywhere. Students are widely using platforms such as Google and YouTube to learn and grow and to enhance their skills.

2. Shifting towards concept-based learning

Concept-based learning is nothing but a way of instruction that is driven by broader ideas over subject-specific content. The digital transformation is encouraging students to shift their attention towards concept-based learning. This is helping a majority of students to strengthen core-skills so that they can get ready for future jobs. This has also resulted in shifting the focal point from teachers based learning to student-based learning.

3. Personalised Learning

The new education system that is offered by digital platforms has everything for almost everyone. These new platforms are offering individuals distinct learning requirements based on their interest and aspirations. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are some of the best examples that brought transition at a greater level.

The above mentioned three trends are proving to be a catalyst of change in the education system. We, as a society should foster these trends so that they can help to shape the ‘future of the future our nation’ so that we can grow together.

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