Top Tips on how to Crack Interview for Your Dream Job

Preparing for an interview? Read this to make sure you ace it with flying colors

A make or break situation, an interviewer has the power to gauge you in the first minute. Makin the right first impression is all it takes to get you that job. However, your overall performance includes a lot of factors that you need to take care of.

Following are a few tips on how to crack interview for the dream job that you have been aiming for.

Tips on how to crack interview for your dream job.


Before you hit the arena, make sure you are well prepared. Know the company you are appearing for. Look on the internet and see what the company exactly does. Know their products and services. Check the clients they have been working for.

All this information will come in handy when the interviewer examines your interest in the company. A random question about the company might not surprise you if you already have done your research. This also makes an impression and you already have brownie points for that.

Check the job description

Make sure you know what you are appearing for. See the job description clearly and know what exactly the company wants from you. Note down the important points from the JD and match them to your skill set. If you match more or less, it is a good idea to go ahead. But, if it is dream company but the job is entirely something else from what you do, do not fake it by going to the interview. The process is designed in a manner that you will certainly be caught in your own lies.


Relevant pieces of documents like mark sheets, certificates and valid ID proofs will suffice for the initial rounds of your interviews. Make sure you do not forget any one of these.

Carrying all these documents will give the interviewer an impression that you are responsible and organized. This will further help you earn some good points in their good books.


Do a session with someone from your friends or family where you speak and practice all your answers to some common questions. This helps you understand what to say and what not to. Saying things out loud makes a person more attentive to what they are saying.

Using this practice, you can also get others’ opinions and make changes to your answers. Having multiple opinions helps in many ways.

Do’s and don’ts

  • Stay calm, it shows how you can handle work even when under pressure
  • Be direct and answer only as much is required
  • Give examples when answering any question
  • Do not question about job security or the number of holidays you will get. All that you need to know will be shared with you
  • Don’t ask generic HR questions in the first go
  • Ask if you don’t understand something
  • Say thank you when you leave the room

Wait for the call

Patience is key to everything good. Do not start to panic if you don’t get a call in the first few days after the interview. Have faith and remain calm. Calling the HR to enquire every now and then leaves a negative impression and reduces your chances of being hired.

There is no rulebook on how to crack interview, but following the above tips will help you take your performance and impression a level higher during the process.

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