tips to crack competitive exams

Tips for Competitive Exams: Follow these 4 tips to crack competitive exams

More than 10,000 students apply for government job every year, but somehow most of them are unable to make it because of lacking somewhere in preparation for the competitive exams. Although there are ample of opportunities in private sectors, most youngsters prefer settling for government jobs only because owing to the facilities and security they provide for pre and post-retirement.

We bring you 4 most effective tips that would surely help you find how to prepare for competitive exams. Take a look:

1. Focus on aimed position that is to be achieved

Aspirants should first aim for one competition they want to crack. Applying for several posts at a time creates a lot of confusion about what should be done and what shouldn’t. For written examination, candidates must go through topics one by one base upon syllabus that will make the procedure easy and smooth.

2. Follow a time-table (and follow it)

Keeping in mind what you want to achieve in short-term and long-term, prepare a time table and follow it religiously. Time based goals will help you know how much time you need and how to prepare for the exam. You must consider a few points while making a timetable such as fix a time for study, don’t study more at a stretch, take short breaks in between, and more importantly – give more time for the difficult subjects.
Tips to prepare for entrance and competitive exams


3. More focus on concepts

Focus on understanding the concepts throughout your preparation. Do not adopt rote learning technique. Understanding helps you to remember the concepts for a very long period of time. Moreover, with a clear understanding of the concepts, you can comfortably handle questions related to those concepts. You can also create your memory tips or interesting acronyms to remember formulae or equations or difficult terminologies.  You should always make your own short notes in your own way, as they help you big time to revise a few days before the exam.

4. Confidence is the key

Last but not the least, candidates should have confidence upon themselves. Several students get nervous at the time of exam, which breaks their concentration and hampers their thinking power. Try to avoid negative vibes and stay focused. Little lankness can put all your hard work in vein.

Hard work is important while preparing for competitive exams, but it is only effective when combined with correct strategy. We sincerely hope the above tips would come handy in your preparation.

All the best!

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