Tired of standard management programs? Switch over to custom solutions

The Centre for Executive Education & Consulting at Woxsen School of Business says that customization is the next step in the country’s management landscape

Conventional definition of business management has evolved by leaps and bounds in today’s world in terms of operation as well as objectives. Factoring in the increasing customer demands, new technologies and methodologies have been introduced that have to be learnt by management professionals and integrated seamlessly in business organizations for the best results. Consequently, the nature of business challenges has evolved in a manner that cannot be tackled by a universal approach of standard programs or age-old training modules.

That said, Woxsen School of Business, a B-school based in Hyderabad, believes that customization of training modules and business strategy is the next step to transform the landscape of Indian management firms. Considering this stance, The Centre for Executive Education & Consulting (CEEC) at Woxsen School of Business offers a blend of learning and development that can be beneficial for individual student learning as well as streamline business organization requirements. CEEC offers consulting service that acts like a springboard for new businesses while simultaneously working on the students’ better understanding and managerial skills through various methods.

With the vision of enhancing executive development, CEEC programs empower workplace learning by connecting theory with old case studies or company situations. Adopting an activity based approach, the students are not only subjected to old ideas and their flaws, but further get the opportunity to analyze the situation in a unique way and come up with their own approach towards multiple concepts.

Source: Official Website, Woxsen School of Business

On the other hand, collaboration of CEEC with the organization ensures that the former understands the hurdles and requirements of latter with the help of the 7D process (See picture). Result? The tailor-made solutions factor in the previous shortcomings with the help of student inputs and are executed in a manner that leads to improved operational efficiency and better inter-department communication. For effective implementation, CEEC also offers support to the organization in the form of feedback and follow-ups.

In addition, CEEC believes that one of the benchmarks for greatness of an institution is how closely it is connected to the industry. The institution must have a platform where both industry and the institution come together and interact to exchange views, validate concepts, appreciate mutual positions and understand the ecosystem, which both of them are a part of. This can be attributed to the mixed faculty of national and international university alumnus that help students understand Indian and foreign business scenarios with their own industry experience of flagship companies.

Another major reason of choosing customized management solutions is backed by the foundation of every business structure: Ethics and approach. This is not just limited to the operations of a company, but further includes the goal of enhancing employee skills, instilling a new business perspective, inspiring leadership, and forming a well-knit organization that collectively works towards the core company vision.

On that note, custom solutions for organizations can be considered as the future of their operations and it is imperative that they analyze the potential of customization to put the wheels of this transition in motion.

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