Tiziana Dominguez Gonzalez, Fashion Designer

A well-known fashion designer and artist, Tiziana Dominguez Gonzalez is the former creative director of Adolfo Dominguez. She has studied in Great Britain, Australia and France, where she learnt many languages. Tiziana also pursued a foundation course in Art and Design at the Leeds College of Art, before shifting to Vermont, USA, where she earned a Bachelor of Liberals Arts BA.

Tiziana earned an AAS fashion design degree at Parsons. As a creative director at Adolfo Dominguez, she introduced the ecological materials in all the collections and supported sustainable fashion. Tiziana presented her first painting exhibition in 2011, which was a figurative expressionist collection. She mixed oil paints with sand, coffee, sawdust, plants, insects and other materials to draw the painting.

Tiziana’s paintings are inspired by animals and nature. Her achievements include the publication of the Animal Welfare Policy in 2010.

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