Top Preparation tips for Class 10 CBSE Board to score better in 2020

Ace Class 10 CBSE Board Exams with these effective preparation tips


Class 10 and 12 assume great importance in the life of a student. Board examinations partly determine the fate of a student’s achievement in the academic field because your chances of getting admission in universities are mostly based on the marks scored in these exams.

This necessitates the students to prepare thoroughly for boards to be able to get through the university admissions. In India, over 20299  schools are affiliated with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and hence it has a relatively better foothold in the education system of the country.

To help you score better, here are some of the board exam tips for your Class 10 CBSE preparation:


Set a timetable:


An organised preparation and setting small milestones is extremely important while preparing for board exams. For comparatively tougher subjects, allocate more time for preparation. Take small breaks simultaneously, it will help you reenergize and focus better on your studies


Know your syllabus thoroughly:


Before preparing for your CBSE Board, you should have a thorough understanding of the entire NCERT syllabus. Once you are through, start preparing in an organised manner according to the syllabus by taking reference from class notes and guide books. Lately, with the increasing use of smart learning apps like Toppscholars, the process of preparing for exams has become less burdensome. Since your teachers won’t be available every time, these apps will come in handy at times of doubts and queries.


Study with peers:


Group discussion is always a wise idea to get a better understanding of any concept. Moreover, learning anything with friends will have the subject matter imprinted in your mind for a longer run.


Refer to previous years’ questions:


It is advisable to look through the model test papers and previous years’ question papers and repeatedly practice the questions. In this way, you can know your pain points and strive to work more on them. Toppscholars, an e-learning app, covers the whole syllabus of CBSE Board through digital notes and video lectures. It also has practice questions and answers based on old question papers. You can take help from such apps for a more effective learning experience.

For a fruitful result, it is important to give your body and mind enough rest. This is an absolute necessity while preparing for any exam because after long hours of study, focusing on and understanding any content becomes a little difficult.

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