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Questions you must ask about Trans formative Education

Before proceeding towards the questions, let’s first get a little grasp of the transformative education concept. Basically, transformative learning is designed for the empowerment of pupils to shift their perspective of the social world and see it through an ethical prism. Transformative education describes itself as a simplified process of perspective transformation that has three parts: psychological, convictional, and behavioral.

Let’s dive into the stages of transformative learning:

  • Acquiring the required set of skills to devise the new plan and its execution.
  • Decoding the disorienting dilemma.
  • Trying new roles and exploring them.
  • Developing self-efficacy within relationships and new roles.
  • Critical assessment of assumptions.Prior to the 5th UNESCO Forum on Transformative Education for Sustainable Development. Global Citizenship and health and well-being,

For over 75 years, UNSECO is working towards building a justified, sustainable, inclusive, and healthy world with the help of education. But isn’t it evident that the school lessons did not prepare us for the ongoing challenges of today?

This is where transformative education comes into play that brings the required change – a transformation to help reshape societies for a brighter future.

Let’s delve deep further into the five questions associated with Transformative Education:

What is the reason behind transforming education?

With the global pandemic and the world facing unheard challenges and weather changes, mass loss of biodiversity, violent and hateful ideologies and the perils of Covid-19 are a few reasons behind transforming education.

There is a need for reorientation in the education system to equip students with the knowledge, abilities, and values to be responsible enough for the planet and its inhabitants.

What is ‘transformative education?

Transformative education is inclusive of learning and education designed to encourage healthy and delighted learners so they can make informed decisions and actions globally, individually, or at a community level.

Learners need to interact with the world and look for unity between the world they witnessed in school and the one they want to build outside school.

What is the 5th UNESCO Forum on Transformative Learning?

The 5th UNESCO Forum on Transformative Education for Sustainable Development, Global Citizenship, health and well-being is an online event that was conducted from 29 November to 1 December 2021 in Seoul. The Republic of Korea.

UNESCO and APCEIU are going to have the experts on Education for Sustainable Development, Global Citizenship education, education for health and well-being under one roof to vocalize concerns regarding good practices, mainstreaming and monitoring transformative education as well as progress towards Sustainable Development Goal target 4.7.

What are UNESCO’s contributions toward Transformative Education?

UNESCO has urged for a brand new social contract on education as an integral part of a landmark report on the Future of Education.

The new social contract for education ought to bring unison across collective endeavors and offer innovation and knowledge required to build a peaceful and sustainable future for all involved in economic, social, and environmental justice. It must, ace the crucial role played by the educators.

How do we participate?

The introductory, concluding, and plenary session of the Forum is slated to be live-streamed via UNESCO’s Youtube. You can go to the Forum Webpage on the 29th of November for the links.

You can be a part of the global conversation associated with the Forum, express your thoughts on the transformation of education, and cite great instances with #Transformative Education during the Forum and beyond.

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