Trending careers in 2021

Trending careers in 2021 and beyond

While the pandemic has changed the idea of how businesses operate when it broke out, thousands of people lost their jobs and thousands more had to walk on a tight rope. As we gradually proceed towards a post-COVID world, predicting which sectors will thrive is not easy. However, there are some fields that are bound to offer lucrative career opportunities no matter what. Thus, if you are looking for a change in your career or are at a nascent stage in your career, the following are some of the trending careers in 2021 sectors that you may want to consider.


COVID or no COVID, healthcare workers are always in demand. In fact, studies suggest that over one-third of healthcare professionals are thinking of leaving their jobs after enduring almost two years of the pandemic battle. Moreover, there has been a shortage of skilled nurses for years at most hospitals. This is one of the reasons healthcare is a top career field.

Information Technology

The transition to remote work and the development of smartphones have increased the demand for software and app developers or IT professionals in general. Demand for people with coding skills and knowledge is sky high, to be more specific. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the software development field will grow by 22 percent by the end of the decade. This means that more than 300,000 new jobs will be churned out.

Financial management

If the pandemic has taught businesses anything, it is the need to have robust financial management in place. During times of uncertainty, it is crucial to know how to spend minimally with maximum profitability. This is one of the reasons why most Fortune 500 companies are able to thrive regardless of the business landscape as compared to their emerging counterparts. They seek candidates with an MBA. Thus, from financial managers to management consultants, the finance sector has a lot to offer if you are looking to build a career in this field.

However, it is to be noted that irrespective of which sector is growing, the ‘ideal job’ is not the same for anybody and just because a sector is thriving doesn’t mean that you ought to look for a career in the same. The most important things are your interest, passion, skills, and knowing how to leverage them to the best of your ability to generate the best possible outcome.

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