How UKIERI can deepen the India-UK relationship on education

Students exchange program has long been popular in the west however in India, it is not until recently that such programs has been heaved into sight. The reason? Growing awareness among people. Hence, parents are more ready than ever in investing in their children’s education.

In what is deemed as the largest delegation of university’s leaders to India, representatives from 20 UK universities are meeting up with Indian stakeholders to have a deeper understanding of the government’s vision and priority areas. The delegation is supported by UK – India Education Research Initiative (UKIERI), a programme which has been there since 2006 to foster collaboration in research and education.

“We are interested in deepening the collaboration in research and education between the two countries,” said Steve Smith, UK Universities UK International (UUKI).

In July 2018, under the UKIERI, a programme called ‘Study in India’ had been initiated. It is to fund 200 UK students to come to India and the country is one of the top 20 study destinations for UK students.

The motive behind UKIERI is to ensure that both countries have a well-education and trained workforce, enabling them to compete in the global market. It intends to promote excellence (institutional and individual) excellence in education, research and employability.

Additionally, with the world being so much more than we know, programmes like these provide the young individuals with a platform to develop life skills and understand the world better. It also make them acknowledge and embrace the diversity across the world. It is by mingling with diverse group of people that students learn how to co-exist and be able to empathise the perspectives of foreign communities.

The focus of UKIERI is also to get more Indian students to UK. “Since 2016, the number of Indian students coming to UK universities has increased 100 percent,” said Smith.

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