Up-skilling Educators The importance of skilled teachers in schools

Up-skilling Educators: The importance of skilled teachers in schools

Education plays a vital role in laying the foundation of a child’s life. Parents look for the best educational institutions for their children, based on different criteria. However, one thing that’s often overlooked is the skills of teachers who mould children’s personality and bring out the best in them.

Teachers who are skilled at communication, appropriate discipline techniques and classroom management, create a positive learning environment for young learners. While holding expertise in their respective subject area is important, being able to communicate necessary skills and concepts in a way that builds the students’ interest becomes imperative.

Pioneers in K-12 education, several schools and learning institutes stress upon the importance of skilled teachers. They understand that apart from parents, teachers play the most vital role in raising a child. Working together, it is the parents and teachers that shape thoughts and nurture talent to widen children’s horizons and ultimately their future.

The selection of teaching staff at schools should, therefore, be weighed very carefully. The parameters should ensure that the focus is laid not only on academic qualifications, superior skills and subject matter expertise but also on the right attitude and aptitude to mentor students.

Academic experts believe that every stage of student life requires a special approach to learning. Therefore, the school should offer special training to educators to teach students effectively. Accordingly, Primary Schools should focus on giving children the joy of childhood, while the Secondary Schools should focus on subject matter growth with life skills.

In High School, the focus is shifted towards preparing the students for exams and for the next stage of learning and life. Outside the classroom, experts in sports, music, dance, media, counselling and a range of other skills bring their wisdom to aid each student shine more.

It becomes important for schools to recognize that every child learns differently, and has different talents, interests and aptitude. Therefore, the teaching staff should be trained accordingly to recognize different cognitive and processing styles and to innovate, engage and provide differentiated learning.

Every year, teachers should undergo a range of professional development programs including subject matter skills, assessment methods, use of technology, dealing with slow learners, handling gifted children and other related aspects. This helps not only the teachers to grow professionally, but also allows them to extend their expertise to the students they teach.

There should be no compromise when it comes to ensuring the right guiding hand for children. The schools should understand and emphasize upon the importance of skilled teachers, and abide by it throughout.

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