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Increasing preference for Professional Certification Courses in India

  • Are you confident that you can secure a job based on your academic qualifications?
  • Do you think you can enhance your skills with job experience only?

If there’s even a shred of doubt in your head, professional certification courses offer the assurance you’re looking for. With e-learning stealing the spotlight in previous years, multiple organizations including Unacademy, BYJU, GetCertGo, etc, provide comprehensive learning packages for dedicated career choices.

But why are these courses required?

Educational institutions still function with outdated syllabus and conventional teaching methods. As a result, students study just for the sake of exams and on-paper marks rather than focusing on the knowledge aspect. This is the major reason why there is a constant bridge between upcoming graduates and market jobs. Similarly, corporate professionals in a job tend to experience stagnation or repetition in their style of work after a few tears. While on project know-hows are valuable, individuals lag behind in skill development. This is where professional certified courses step in.



E-learning has eliminated the hassle of travel hours and center selection for individuals who aspire to pursue any course. With a click of the mouse, the entire course is available online with tutorials as well as theoretical knowledge.

Value of Certification

Courses certified by private organizations or government PSU’s including Cisco, VSkills, etc, hold substantial value in job interviews and corporate organizations. They signify the recognition of your course and project you as a learned individual.

Limitless practice

Online courses offer a rich database of practice assignments and worksheets. While sitting at your home, you can attempt as many as it takes to gain command over the smallest topic of the subject and enter the industry as a well-versed professional.

Dedicated attention

The 1v1 interaction environment in tutorial videos and online classes has been known to increase the focus and subject matter understanding of an individual. With rewind feature, forums, and online discussions, there is no hesitation in doubt clarification.

Working professionals

Though students have been capitalizing on e-learning for quite some time, it is simultaneously growing at a reasonable level amidst working professionals. Unlike offline training courses, professional certified courses on the internet offer schedule flexibility that helps an individual study according to their pace. Certification courses from institutes like Unacademy by Gaurav Munjal, or Anant Agrawal’s edX along with upcoming companies like GetCertGo by Vicky Sarin are successfully changing the perception about e-learning and its benefits with each passing day.

Regular vs Online

This is subject to individual choice. Regular classes offer a rigid schedule, which acts as an advantage for aspirants, majorly students, who need an environment to concentrate better. On the other hand, working professionals prefer online learning due to the ease of daily schedule management.

All that said, professional certification courses are the perfect catalyst, or foundation, for your dream career. Explore your interest, discover the associated e-learning course, and begin your corporate journey as a confident professional.

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