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Ways To Keep Calm During an Interview

Pressure and the nerves during an interview make us act differently. This directly affects the performance and how you handle pressure decides your fate. We have listed some exercises and tips to help you nail that interview.

  1. Control your shaky voice

Stick your tongue out as far as possible; this will open up your throat. Now try to say any nursery rhyme out loud. You will have authority over your voice and will feel much more confident. However, don’t do this in front of the interviewing panel.

  1. Don’t speak too fast

Nerves make us do everything quickly, even talking. To tackle this you should breathe from your nose slowly. Try breathing in for a count of three and then breathe out for a count of three. This will take only 18 second if done thrice. You will feel relaxed and your heart rate will be lowered as well.

  1. Stop yourself from shaking

This is a terrible thing to deal with, especially before a presentation or an interview. You can keep yourself from shaking by squeezing your thighs. Practically, it isn’t possible for you to shake while your thigh muscles are clenched.

  1. Don’t sit when you’re told to wait

You will be offered a seat before your turn comes, don’t take it. You’ll feel more confident while you’re waiting for your turn if you’re standing.

  1. Keep your hands visible

It’s true that people who show their hands during interview are more likely to get a job rather than those who don’t. Showing hands is also a sign of honesty. So, don’t keep them under the table, you hands should be on the table.

  1. Speak with your own voice

Don’t change your tone or pretend to sound like a professional speaker. Speak as if you’re talking to a group of friends, but don’t sound too casual.

  1. Find the most comfortable sitting position

You should never trust the back of a chair. If you lean too far back, your throat will get tightened up and you’ll have trouble speaking freely. It is recommended to lean a little forward.

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