What are the Differences between a Resume and a CV?

Ever wondered why Americans apply for job with a Resume and the British with CV? Most professionals won’t be able to provide the real explanation. That’s why we asked educators at Brindavan College to help the curious ones out.

What is a Resume?

A Resume displays a summary of your work history, education and credentials along with other skills and accomplishments. A Resume is usually one-page long. Specialists at Brindavan College strongly recommend job seekers to keep it as concise as possible. A Resume shouldn’t necessarily cover your whole career. It’s a very customizable document.

What is a Curriculum Vitae or CV?

Curriculum Vitae means course of life in Latin. As its meaning suggests, a CV is an in-depth document that displays high level of detail about your work history and career achievements. CV should be organized chronologically so that it’s easy to get an overview of a person’s complete working career. CVs are common in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and most parts of Europe.

Differences between the two

There are three major differences between a Resume and a CV: length, purpose and layout. A Resume is a short summary of an individual’s experience and skills over one or two pages. A CV on the other hand, is well-detailed and stretches beyond two pages. We would say the biggest difference between the two is that a Resume lists your skills and achievements briefly, whereas, a CV is supposed to be a full record of your career history.

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What should you use?

Brindavan College says it’s wise to use the local version. Keep a resume handy if you’re applying in USA. And in case you find yourself looking for a job in Europe, you’ll need a CV. In India, create a CV if you’re applying for research/internship opportunities in colleges and universities. Equip yourself with a crisp Resume if you’re on a job hunt.

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