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Why Engineering is not the end of a career pursuit

Engineering has been the mother-lode of dreams, ambitions and prospects of millions of students and their parents all over India. In India, it’s a career prospect with seemingly endless options and possibilities, and a quick fix for all those money-grubbing subsidiary industries pandering to students and their hopes.

This diatribe curates the essence of what engineering has become these days. A noble pursuit, engineering was once acclaimed as a field of innovation and invention. A field where people from simple backgrounds came together to create marvels related to every discipline. Now, you have engineering colleges in every nook and cranny, with students filled in droves, trying to savor a taste of a ‘good life’ after engineering.

This has created a derelict fantasy where scores of people − all with different passions − turn to engineering, kill their passions and get stuck in mundane 9-5 jobs, where MNCs fleece their time and efforts for peanuts as salary.

As this trend reaches great proportions, we want to highlight certain ways out for a student even after choosing a PCM major in high school.

Now, before you go on about changing the status quo, understand that most STEM courses were made for an industrial age, a time with assembly line production, quick results and better efficiency. An AI-fueled industry would make you rather obsolete. Therefore, you might as well pursue your passion.

We’d strongly recommend students who’ve taken up PCM to explore. Read books, audit a free course on Coursers or EDX, take some classes and learn more about your passions. Once you learn about the fundamentals of a discipline, you can join a community and start contributing for free. After putting in a  certain number of hours, you’d be able to work on the feedback of your community and improve your skills.

Once you do that, it’ll be a matter of weeks before you can get paid for your services online by freelancing or through consulting jobs for a company. Just remember that money would be a by-product for your skills and knowledge, and that you really don’t have to pursue a mundane field or a career just to appease your parents and the society.


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