teami school of new visual merchandising

Why Visual Merchandising is Important

Visual merchandising is a term defining the retail strategies that capitalize on the aesthetics of a product with the objective to boost sales. Visual merchandising may perhaps also contribute a bit in the look, feel and mores of a brand. if done well, it can generate responsiveness while at the same time increasing brand loyalty. Most prominently, it can attract the potential customers in and close the sale – all depending upon the visual quality of the retail display.


Accomplishment factors of visual merchandising consist of the store’s outward show, lighting, uniforms, point of sale stuff, textures, color, shapes, packaging, presentation and the “knockout” factor each of these factors assembled in a retail setting.

teami school of new visual merchandising

When these essentials team up to showcase a brand, it enhances the customer experience, resulting in an affirmative shopping experience and increased sales.



Brands can implement the visual merchandising strategies in a better manner by applying themes into their displays. Themes narrate a story and stimulate customer buy-in. They usually convoy a new product launch. Significantly, themes let a brand to reinvent its image with fresh colors, layouts, fonts, design, pictures and photographs during the launch of a new product. Theme ideas can range everyplace from coordinating colors to aligning products to individual patterns and anything in between.


Tonality describes your brand’s uniformity right through all marketing materials. It can also be defined to as the brand individuality or voice. It means assigning the look, feel and fullness of your brand within all accessible marketing elements.

teami school of new

That implies that visual merchandising ought to be consistent across various platforms including in-store displays, your official website and on third-party websites. This beholds customer brand loyalty and also ascertains what brand is going to deliver. In sequence, the emotional bond a customer has with your brand is reinforced.

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