Women in digital world.

Women in Digital World and the hurdles they cross

Digitalization appears to favor the female workforce, and is leading to the growth of women in digital world. It is believed that they face lower risk of being replaced by machines, as compared to their male counterpart.

A growing awareness of women equality and empowerment is leading to the growth of women participating in the workforce. In fact, they are now rising to take up the roles of leadership. According to a survey conducted by Sandip University, women in digital world are far better than men. Women are found contributing in the productivity of an organization by more than 28%.

There are various advantages:

  1. Effective growth: Women in digital world can lead to effective growth in the organization through their leadership. It is observed that females create a subtle environment in the organization. This generates the productivity of an organization.
  2. Emotional Quotient: Women in the organization bring an emotional diversity, which brings a change in the perception of a firm. Sociologists believe that the factor of Emotional Quotient plays a crucial role. It is more than just having an IQ and motivates women to survive in the working sector.
  3. Better strategists: Women are believed to be more strategic as compared to men. Planning is considered to be a major trait in women, if they start any project. Moreover, transparency is something preferred the most by clients. Women are thought to be better in maintaining that as compared to the male society.

Even after the advantages women bring in an organization, they do face certain challenges in the digital world.

  1. Unconscious/subconscious bias: It is observed that women unconsciously or subconsciously become biased towards themselves. They adapt a perception of being less than men at technology. They consider men to be more digitally-driven. Due to this, they are mostly seen taking confirmations from others in their decisions.
  2. Difficulty in adapting a change: Often, organizations change their processes and business layouts to cope up with the digital era. It is observed that women find it challenging to adapt the changes and upskill themselves.

Women should surpass these insights and sensitivities to make a change and enhance women equality. They should rather take criticism positively and to understand their strengths and outshine. To upgrade themselves, women in digital world should read and interact with the younger generations.


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